Frozen Dreams: Russia's Arctic obsession

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► Subscribe to here: President Vladimir Putin has revived Russia's dreams of exploiting its Arctic territory – boosted by a warming climate that has opened up the Northern Sea Route. The FT travels to remote reaches of Siberia to see if Russia can make it work. ► Visit to learn more ► Subscribe to the Financial Times on YouTube: For more video content from the Financial Times, visit Twitter Facebook


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Frozen Dreams: Russia's Arctic obsession

TOP 5 list comments

This are lies they should show a photo of the new base with a tremendous brand new building instead of this!!!
Jak Beuk
Go PUTIN, make Russia GREAT again ! Her people need YOU !
Jura Jaryn
jaká ruská posedlost? když tam nepůjdou rusové, tak by to tam vyrabovali teroristické státy americké
Reading the comments below, the most prevalent word is "FREEDOM" that people seek for the price of living in Russian arctic. Give that some thought and ask your self is that because FREEDOM is not that common in Russia?
Jim H
Go Russia!