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►'Like' for ANIMAL CROSSING SWITCH 😍 In this video we recap the recent Nintendo Direct and the Animal Crossing Switch announcement. We then discuss my first thoughts on a release date and consider when it's likely to release. When do you think it will launch? ►Sources: ►Images: Thanks for watching. Please like and subscribe :) Have a great day. Happy gaming. ----------------------- Social Media: ----------------------- ►My Apps: ►Instagram: ►Twitter: ----------------------- Credits: ----------------------- ►Additional Music by: TeknoAxe, ►Any other content is linked, sourced, or owned by their respective company. ----------------------- Disclaimer: ----------------------- ►I have no sponsorships. All items unboxed were bought with my own money and content is created on the basis of news or review. ►Mayor Mori has been granted permission by Matthew Huffaker to use TeknoAxe music, which is hosted on, and is represented on the youtube channel under the terms of CC (Creative Commons) 4.0 license.


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Animal Crossing Switch PRE-ORDER

TOP 5 list comments

Mayor Mori
When do you think we'll see an Animal Crossing Direct? ✨
To get more updates or to support this channel head over to: 💕
Lyra C
Animal crossing switch is coming out December 31st get ready to have a heart attack Lol
What if it’s a GameCube remaster lol
Tammy Mills
I pre-ordered Animal Crossing a couple of weeks ago. I can't wait to play this! So excited!
James Daniel Juste
Animal crossing New leaf came out in the UK in June so it wouldn't be much different if they did the same with AC switch. So exciting though. Hope it's not another happy home designer