Is Animal Crossing Switch Coming By June 2019? | Comment Response

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Last Podcast, Sergio and I talked about the possibilities of seeing Animal Crossing Switch next year. I believe that we will be seeing the game during November. One of our listeners left a great comment about the possibility of seeing the game by June, 2019. I give my thoughts on that and why I'm hesitant to believe that release date. Of course, I wouldn't mind if the game came out sooner. Support my channel on Patreon: Chat about Animal Crossing on my Discord: Get More Nintendo and Video Game Content Here: Follow me on... Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Twitch: Tumblr:


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Is Animal Crossing Switch Coming By June 2019? | Comment Response

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Mary Ogle
Gamefly has it listed as coming 12/31/19. It can change and come out earlier, that i dont mind. I just dont want it to come out in 2020.
i think april, may and june are the best bets. also this new announcement and release system they have is new. very new actually. the first game they used this 6-9 month strategy with is smash. hence why yoshi and fire emblem weren't released 6-9 months after they're announcements. and when it comes to pokemon 8th gen, that's game freak/ the pokemon company. not nintendo so they probably have their own strategies. also summer is the perfect time to release animal crossing for reasons that i've seen all over this comment section so i won't repeat them. but also nintendos holiday next year is honestly pretty filled up with not only pokemon and metroid prime 4 most likely, but also think about games they have'nt announced for next year yet. they definitely still have 1 or 2 big games lined up for the holiday season/fall. and the beginning of the year is also already really congested. so mid year like may june and july is the most likely release window i feel
Lady Love
I'm hoping AC Switch will be coming by summer 2019. Late 2019 would be an excruciatingly long wait, so I'm hoping this is not the case.
Judy Xiong
i am a animal's crossing fan i don't want wait until next year nov that too long jan heck yeah
Journi Elliott
I think either pokemon will release in Spring a nice in-between season that you could acquaint with new beginnings or Summer a month of break and relaxation plus most people would be out of school and have more time