Hurricane Florence's new path poses greater danger

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Hurricane Florence is forecast to crawl up to the North Carolina coast and slowly turn left — a development that will be a “Mike Tyson punch to the Carolina coast,” FEMA official Jeff Byard said.


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Hurricane Florence's new path poses greater danger

TOP 5 list comments

Is it just me? Why did the storm turn the way it did at a diagonal like that?
msp gamer vanesa
We had all off the rain and wind in wales
Danny White
BREAKING: CNN Fake News claims Hurricane Florence was created by Trump as a divisive tool to separate the country. Facts suggest that Trump's numerous tweets on Twitter created this whirlwind that later formed the actual hurricane, in an almost Red Wave like fashion! The only recourse now is to stop this massive Red Wave of national injustice by impeaching Donald Trump. We have learned that Soros is now lobbying Twitter to censor Trump's tweets and block this Red Wave. So far it's appears as though it's having little to no effect. Humanity seems to be waking up and supporting the destruction of the NWO. All Fake News outlets are in peril. They've run out of tissues and diapers. Nothing but tears, piss and shit everywhere! Some would call this justice, some cruel. How could a president be so inhuman to cause a hurricane of such injustice to Americans who wish to destroy a country and sleep at night? Q, WWG1WGA!!!!!!!!
Heather Honey
Now, wherever you go, society (people) hate you and will not help. Many will stalk, watch/spy, aggravate your family. Churches and gov programs and food banks only want to collect your personal IDs for fragments of food, to turn your info into the government to collect you later into FEMA camps. Agenda 21 depopulation program. See masonic Georgia guide stones, ""maintain world population at 500 mill."" Park or stand anywhere and people will call the cops. They will hassel you. Whatever you do is illegal. Shelters divide families, euthanize pets. I live this daily, we are homeless (over yr now) Irma hurricane victims and running out of money. We have been thrown out of the loop of sustainability. With no resident address, no anything. No job, no tag &license renewal, no mail, no library computer time, no bank account, no GoFundMe account. Nothing. Soon they will tow our truck, put us in jail, kill my small pet.. (New Holocaust) Society will not realize it untill this crime turns on them. Starting with martial law.
Alexandra Strevig
I Am. Living with my grandmother and grandfather because my house got flooded all the way to my second floor