Identity lost In A Mirror (Transgender Song) - Official Lyrics

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Identity lost In A Mirror (Transgender Song, FTM) Song Meaning: It's about a boy who was born into a girl's body and whenever he looks in the mirror he's reminded that people don't see him for who he truly is, only something they want him to be, a girl. & so he struggles with his identity in the mirror. (Hence the title) such creativity I have, right? _____________________________________________________________ Add me on social media. My Personal Facebook: My Personal Instagram: _____________________________________________________________ The Lyrics: (Boy/Ace) He wants to scream, I am not your sister, I am not your daughter, I am not a her, So don't call me a she. So call me a he. I am your brother, I am your son. (Boy/Ace) A boy used to stare in the mirror, trying to understand himself But his heart was full of hate, for what he saw, (The Girl In the Mirror/What People Want Him To Be) A pale skin girl looking down to see all the cuts on her body, writing a story in her skin, like a path to all the things that she'll never be all the things she longs to be. with tears streaming down her cheek she's screaming, I'm not a girl (Boy/Ace) The boy looks up, smiles at himself with tears falling off his lips, he whimpers "I am a boy" as he held himself tight. he doesn't under why, he was born this way. Cause' he's just a boy trapped in a girl's body. (The Girl In the Mirror/What People Want Him To Be) The girl in the mirror feels so caged, trying to be a lie, to live up to society. She tried to be the person that they all wanted her to be but all that did was make her cry, cut, and wanna die. & then she falls asleep, in her dreams, her mind forgets what's under the covers. (Boy/Ace) He's running down down the street, in his leather jacket & skinny jeans, forgetting the girl in the mirror. and all his cuts are better, and his chest is flatter. He gets on his knees and prays ( x3 ) Will I look this way, one day? He wants to scream, I'm not your sister, I'm not your daughter, I'm not a her, So don't call me a she Call me a human, I'm only human, Aren't I? So call me a he I am your brother, I am your son. Call me a human, I'm only human I'm only human I'm only human, Am I Human? Lyrics By Ace Lee Carter/TheMindlessCannibal. The Instrumental Beat does not belong to me, no copyright intended.


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Identity lost In A Mirror (Transgender Song) - Official Lyrics

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This is me.
Juhi Srivastava
Thanks for sharing this 🙏
very rare ghost
I relate to this song...
Oh thats Kyle
I came out to my mom and she refuses to call me a he it hurts to know that my mom won't call me who i want to be called
Noodle Dragon
This song hits to close to home