18 Stubborn Homeowners

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These are 18 of the most stubborn homeowners in the world! Subscribe to Talltanic http://goo.gl/wgfvrr 8. Narita, Japan Farmers In Narita, Japan, a collection of farmers took umbrage to the fact that their lands happened to coincide with the exact place that the government wanted to construct an airport. Tempers flared and tensions reached an all-time high, resulting in the farmer’s attacking workers, ultimately resulting in several deaths. To this day, an uneasy truce exists around the airport. 7. Guangzhou, China Apartments Sometimes, though rarely, the indomitable will of those who refuse to sell actually overcomes the wheel of progress. This building in Guangzhou exasperated the construction company with their stubbornness so much that the highway was simply constructed around the building. Though the view is doubtless marred from how it used to be, at least the residents of this building can say they still have their home. 6. Speighalter’s Jewelry Store Though many of the world’s most famous home holdouts reside in China, occasionally even cheery old England will find a stalwart defender of property. Speighalter’s Jewelry Store in London has refused to sell its prime location for over 100 years and is now surrounded on all sides by the Wickham’s Department Store. 5. A Chinese Farmer Another day, another major Chinese highway planned to go right through someone’s farmland. Ye Tan and his wife, however, had other plans. They eventually held out and the road was constructed around their home in one of the few examples of a home holdout going well for those who live within. Today the road circles around their meager farm and the couple have a grim satisfaction from their accomplishment. 4. Chongqing, China Sometimes the owners of homes on prime property are less concerned about their house and more concerned with their wallet, such as this home in Chongqing. The owner, Yang Wu, had no problem selling his home – but he wanted more money! In the end, he only received a modest sum and the house was ultimately demolished. 3. Yichang, China In a brazen attempt to get a Chinese man to move out of his home, which sits on prime real estate in Yichang, a construction company built up the land around his home, effectively making his house resided in a hole in the ground. The water and electricity was eventually cut off to his home and he temporarily moved away. His resilience, however, proved strong and he moved back in shortly after. 2. The “Nail Grave” Sometimes, the property in question doesn’t even have a house built on it, like this plot of land in Japan. Instead, the owner of the land has family buried here, and felt that the selling of the land would be a desecration to their memory. This plot was dubbed the “nail grave.” 1. Yonjia Apartment Building In 2015, an apartment building in Yonjia, China refused to sell out to a company that hoped to build a road right through their home. The resilient property owners were steadfast, however, and the city spent $15 million dollars to construct a four-lane road around their building. Way to stick it to the man!


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18 Stubborn Homeowners

TOP 5 list comments

Yaya Living
Thank you to the man in Miami. Money isn't everything
brian geffry
Hell with the government..
Nancy Cozzetti
Look what we did to the Indians we moved them.cruelty.These people are in China and able to stay in there home.
Midnight Sonnet
Honestly, home is not a place. You can make a home anywhere. The memories you share anywhere are yours forever. They don't die if you move away. If someone offered me millions to move, hell yes I'd take it. Again, I can make a new home, full of new memories, and new experiences. The only time I can see it being reasonable to be stubborn with your land is if you have a large farming area. That would be a bit harder to give up, especially if the land is very fertile and you've made a good business out of selling your crops. But, again, if offered tons of money, you could find more farmland.

It's not about being greedy when accepting money. It's simply seeing things for how they really are. A house is a house, nothing more. Nothing inside is more sacred than your memories, which you can take with you, no matter where you go. People tend to get needlessly sentimental with things and forget that it's not the item that's important; it's the memories you have that the item reminds you of. Again, you don't need the item for that. Hell, take a picture or film the item if it means that much to you.

I used to do that A LOT with items that reminded me of my deceased father. I kept so many of his personal belongings and things he gave me as a child. However, as I got older, I realized these trinkets didn't matter one bit. HE mattered, not the stuff he had. So I eventually donated it all to thrift stores like the Goodwill.

Remember, a piece of you doesn't die if you lose a home or things you once owned. They're just things.

Having said that, no government should ever force someone out of their home. If they wanna stay, that's their choice. It's pretty messed up that they cut the utilities, too. If the people are paying for it, it should be illegal to deny them of it. I know things are different in China, so I'm not gonna pretend I know their laws.
Janie Goodman
Government has the right